aware/哀れ (Part Two)

Japan, 2014

Short Documentary

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The title refers to both the Japanese meaning of 哀れ (aware) as the English definition of ‘aware’. In Japanese it expresses a certain feeling, an emotion of sorrow, loneliness and beauty. ("The bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty"). In English, ‘aware’, refers to being alert or conscious. Both meanings are at the core of this film installation.


作品名は、日本語の「哀れ」と英語の aware の両方を指す。日本語では哀しみや寂しさや美しさを表し、英語の aware は「意識」などを表す。どちらの意味もこのフィルム・インスタレーションの根底にある。

  • Short Experimental Film: aware/哀れ
  • Projection, open sound, 6.26 min
  • Ernst Herstel – Camera, Edit
  • Job Schellekens – Composition
  • Short Documentary: aware/哀れ
  • Monitor, headphones, 13.39 min
  • Ernst Herstel – Camera, Edit

Fukushima, Japan © 2014