Germany, 2011


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Exhibition ‘Plantjes en Bloemetjes’ Einrichtung einer temporären Holländischen Enclave in Hannover 20.8. - 4.9.2011

ART IG, kik, kunst im kontakt Am Grossen Garten 5a 30419 Hannover

Künstler: Peter Bremer; Helmut Dick; Anna Grunemann; Yvonne Halfens; Helmut Hennig; Nico Huijbregts; Christiane Opperman, Nora van Dam; Vincent van Delft; Tineke van Veen; Frouke Wiarda

Researching the concept of ‘protection’ three installations are realised as poetic statements. It reveals the importance of understanding protection in a way that takes into account both vulnerability and resilience.

Installation 1 – Inside Out A black-glass object is lifted by a hydraulic hoist in the clouds. It reflects its surroundings in daytime and disappears in the dark at night. In the darkness only the blue neon object 'imagine' is seen.