Mujeres Siglo XXI

Peru, 2013


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During a residency in Cusco, Peru, an installation, a performance and photos were realised. The exhibition “Mujeres Siglo XXI” opened on Women's Day, 08-03-2013, in a Spanish monastery built on a ruined foundation around a sacred Inca well. Women in Peru represent a minority, both in number and in legal rights. The importance of education and their role in society are conceptualised in the artworks. The materials used are silver and gold as metaphors and a reference to colonial times.

  • 'imagine#2' installation (glazen hoofdjes, zwart staal/glas) Cuzco, Peru 2013
  • 'Proteger&Reflejar', performance (figuren in reddingsdekens op binnenplaats) Cuzco, Peru 2013
  • 'Mujeres#2', installation, object (aardappels en verzilverd hoofdje) Cuzco, Peru 2013