Unsettling Dust

Netherlands, 2022

Experimental FilmShort Film

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The starting point of the research goes back to 2016, with the introduction of Fort de Vaujours. Together with Barbara Prezelj, a landscape architect with a shared interest in our relationship with the nuclear radiated landscape. We visited the site in 2016 for the first time. The aim of the trip was to collect research material, make photographs, perform experiments, conduct interviews and film. The project was initially born out of our long-held interest in post-nuclear landscapes in general and Fort de Vaujours in particular. In our previous work we have both explored different aspects of the nuclear and believe that important lessons lie in ways nuclear modernity and its landscapes are interpreted and perceived. The motivation for the research came from our conviction that visual practices of imagining the nuclear are crucial in order to shape our understanding and facilitate a critical perspective on the topic. By providing reflections on place and subjectivity, artistic practices can point to larger phenomena that underlie visible landscapes as well as stimulate discussion on how to acknowledge and responsibly address the consequences of the nuclear age.

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